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This website is intended to provide a comprehensive resource for my students, colleagues, and employers. Students can here find class information, readings, multimedia, and syllabi on the following pages. Also, I have provided stable links to all of my publications, which I provide free of charge. I do not believe in copyright law (intellectual property is not a scarce resource), so feel free to borrow from the information that I provide on these pages. I only ask for the simple courtesy of attribution.

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What is mind? No matter. What is matter? Never mind.

Grammar is the logic of speech, and its underpinnings are the very foundations upon which epistemology lies. A sound understanding of grammar is essential to all academic studies. Since Grammar has become a byword for "inefficient composition" pedagogy, composition as a whole has suffered many setbacks. It should be the goal of all English majors and teachers to strengthen a philsophical and epistemological understanding of the controversies surrounding this topic, and to introduce students to the principal tenets of grammar regardless of their immediate practicability. Grammar is, in a way, the economization of the world through speech--choosing means in Nature to acoomplish ends--and it is thus an ineradicable component of argumentation proper.

Either through misuse, misunderstanding, or apathy, grammar has become a topic of secondary importance in Humanities departments. Despite its neglect, grammar remains the foundation of philosophy and the Humanities as a whole, and it is the proof that all human beings function the same on a basic logical groundwork. Grammar is, to put it rather absurdly, the foundation of the Rights of Man.

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Liberty, Economics, and Literature

"Liberty is not a means to a higher political end. It is itself the highest political end." --Lord Acton, "The History of Freedom in Antiquity"

Discourse concerning human liberty is often made a subaltern means to ideologically-driven ends in contemporary literary, economic, and philosophical discourse. By focusing on collective groups and identities in approaches to literature, literary critics have often unwittingly lent their assent to theories of "class-consciousness" with regard to racial, gender, and economic categories--all in the name of liberty. While these avenues to interpretation have proven fruitful in terms of the circulation of ideas, their authors are often committed to logical fallacies that will never prove sufficient means to the ends that they have set for themselves. Academic investigations into literature, composition, and grammar have been slighted for their "so-called" objectivity based on the contention that there is no such thing as "objectivity." As an absolute statement that claims for itself objectivity--that is, there is supposed to be no such thing as "objectivity," and this supposition is supposed to hold true for all time--such a claim is self-refuting. The Academy, be it a university education system, a public elementary school, or junior college, is supposed to aim at social cooperation and the exercise of logic.

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